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Restore and Meditate

These classes are designed to reduce stress, calm the mind and passively stretch the body. We focus on meditation and breath work to reduce your body's stress response. 

Restorative yoga is a yoga method which utilizes multiple props and long hold times to passively open the mind and body. In classes at Westport Yoga, a 3 limbed approach is taken: guided + silent meditation; pranayama (breathing exercises); and 3-5 sustained postures. The body is placed in supported postures (using multiple props, such as bolsters, sandbags and blankets) that are generally held for periods between 5-15 minutes. The physical support allows the body to relax and release in order to utilize the intuitive, mind-body connection to enhance healing.  During the colder months, it’s a good idea to layer + wear socks in this class.

Earlier Event: August 7
Later Event: August 10
Friday Night Flow